Serge Bevil Credit Specialist, CEO
VantagePoint Credit Corp.

(o) 917 463-4661  (fax) 914 461-3387

Serge Bevil

Serge Bevil is a nationally recognized credit expert and CEO of VantagePoint Credit Corp. His company specializes in credit correction services, and credit consulting on credit reporting, credit scoring, identity theft and debt negotiation for consumers, businesses, and for professionals in the mortgage banking, real estate, legal, accounting, insurance and wealth management industries.
His expert knowledge and proven experience with the Credit Scoring Systems, the Procedural Workings of the Major Credit Bureaus, and the Credit Laws, allows him to offer a targeted and result specific approach to his client’s credit needs.
He is also well known for his initiatives and advocacy for credit literacy. These efforts are most visible through his educational credit seminars with Bank of America, Capital One Bank, Chase, US Trust and Wells Fargo, that help real estate professionals and consumers understand the practice and procedures of today’s credit environment.  He also consults with companies in varying industries, who seek definable solutions to complex credit reporting and the credit scoring matters. 
Serge strongly believes that in today’s credit driven society, Credit has become a major deciding factor in our everyday life and financial future. And that every individual must take responsibility and accountability for the proper usage and accuracy of their credit.