Our Mission:
The Intellectual Capital Exchange Group was created to provide a forum for professionals to systematically connect with each other to develop and deepen their relationships, expand and interconnect their networks, explore opportunities to help others, and to have the ideal referrals returned as a form of a thank you. 
Intellectual Capital Exchange Group

Our next meeting will be held on October 30th, 2018 @ 800 Westchester Avenue on the 4th floor in the cafeteria atrium, in Rye Brook NY, starting promptly at 7:30am ending at 9:00am.

We promote our members to utilize the proper philosophy, attitude, expectations, networking strategies, action plans and ROIOT (Return On Investment of Time).   It is the cross pollination of our individual networks that creates opportunity to help people.  The referral becomes the byproduct of the networking process. 

Everyone wins with this concept!

We are currently looking for people in the following industries (but not limited to) who would be a good fit for the group:

  • Retail & Commercial Banker
  • Recruiter & Job Coach
  • Life/Executive Coach
  • Home Inspector
  • Landscape Architect (not a landscaper)
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Personal Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Corporate/Personal Security Consultant



Remember to schedule your one on one meetings and sign up for a case study time slot.